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Melissa Geissinger on the She Explores Podcast

I recently did an interview with Gale Straub of She-Explores.com. The episode is called After the Wildfire and talks about my plans to thru-hike the Oregon Coast Trail in the summer of 2020.

Survival Over Surrender is mentioned in the episode too!

You can listen to the episode here. I highly encourage you to subscribe to the podcast on your listening platform of choice. It's excellently produced and the content, wisdom, and inspiration contained in its easily-digestible episodes make it well worth the time.

I met Gale at a book tour event after the launch of her book, She Explores. Her story and her business model inspired me build this website and I could not be more grateful.

Thanks for taking the time talk, Gale, and allowing me to tell my story in a new way to a new audience.

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Melissa Geissinger

Melissa is a writer, serial entrepreneur, and a heart mom. She started Survival Over Surrender in May of 2019. She lives in Bodega Bay with her husband Cole, son Apollo, two dogs and two cats. She enjoys cooking, writing, photography, live music, daydreaming, and convincing herself to get outside because she's always happiest when she's exploring. 

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