I'm thrilled to announce the launch of Survival Over Surrender, a new website meant to serve as an outlet for people to share their stories of survival, and to present resources and ways of making it through the day to day post-trauma.

Where did SoS come from?

When I was living through the worst of my traumas, I was fortunately enough to have the San Francisco Chronicle pick up our story. A reporter and media team following my family for a year to cover our recovery after a fire tore through our city and destroyed our home. They were there through the birth of our son and all four of his major surgeries. Being able to work with them to tell our story did a lot to help me process my feelings, and I turned to writing as therapy.

Just telling my story and sharing it with others allowed me not only to process my own trauma, but help others as well.

What is Survival?

I have found that survival is much more than we perceive it to be before we are put in a position where we need to survive. It's not a passive action as we're sort of conditioned to believe. It's not like we are faced with a challenge, we live through it, and then go on with our lives. We have to CHOOSE to survive. We have to ACTIVELY take actions that will result in us living through the worst scenarios and then figuring out how to recover and be okay. We need to get back to a place where we can function in the real world and learn not to forget what we've been through, but embrace it and be better not despite it, but for it.

Survival is a mourning of what we have lost but a celebration of everything we have gained through a constant effort to do what we need to do to be okay. Once we get through that, we can focus on the next step - living.

Share Your Survival Story

I want to hear your stories. Please share it via our contribution page here. Thank you for visiting and don't forget to join us in our Facebook group and follow us on Instagram.

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